Deep breath…OK then

To my faithful limeyfishers, sorry. I had to recharge the body and soul, and in so doing got a bit lazy with the post-a-day thing I had going, and the weekly photo challenge (posting not picturing). So in a good ol’ fashion college try, I’m offering up
a few stacked posts over the next few days. Ya think that’ll get me back even?

If nothing else, it gives you something to read while you take that second drink of coffee in the morning.

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A first of many???

Darn tooting…I hope.


Many of you know the FD has been persistent in becoming  a legitimate actor in NYC since graduating from NYU (all these abbreviations, for crying out loud…). She been at it for 10+ years, doing what she can to get noticed and polish her craft. Her professors told her it would be 10 or so years before she would get work (her body needed to catch up with her acting maturity is what I remember them telling her). Well looky here why don’t cha…it has been 10 years, she looks good (and a bit older), she has the work bit happening, now if only she could bank something for her loads of talent (patience Dad, it’s coming)!

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Woke Up Limeyfish

I probably should have self-censored. But instead it gotted git r’ done-d to me…maybe for the best…I’m sure…I hope. I cannot remember that ever happening to me until now. Always a first time, right? Say what you think unless what is said is disagreeable. Then just simply hit the upper right hand corner “x” button and that trouble conveniently goes away. Blip! Interesting how free speech really isn’t; anger can snuff out relationships with a few key strokes and mouse clicks; so-called equal opportunity rights of expression in a public format can be judged…quick and dead. Go away! Be gone! Continue reading “Woke Up Limeyfish”

Global Blog Action Day 2010: Water

Today (October 15th) is Global Blog Action Day 2010…bet ya didn’t know that, now did ya? And today it’s all about WATER.

Just one of the “things” I do in a professional life, and also just one of today’s blog topics is dealing with the issues of stormwater pollution. So don’t think less of my post as being a desperate search for a blog story…otherwise it might make me feel like I need a new profession (you better start talking now if that’s the case).

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Dave knows a few things

Let’s cast our vote for Dave Barry…he is still running for President. He’s better than any of the Re-puke-lican or Dumb-ocrat clowns I’ve seen in any of the races of late. Dave ought to make you laugh, only because of something funny, not laugh because we don’t want to cry over crooked politicians, a crappy economy, or whatever else gets you all worked up (and over).

Dave is a humorist, a funny man. An author and speaker, an entertainer, a philosopher. We all should lighten up,  relax and hear him out. Try to enjoy life instead of fearing the future and declaring doom. I like Dave.

Oh yeah, he’s a blogger as well…Dave Barry’s Blog

One of my favorites of his that I can so relate to: 19 Things That Took Me 50 Years To Learn, by Dave Barry Continue reading “Dave knows a few things”

Dumb Quotes, Round 2

See…I told you I would: From the left side of the political aisle comes these dumb quotes…yes Virginia, the political idiots care not what they claim as their party affiliation or their political lean. Politicians are all the same and don’t try to convince me otherwise.  From my newfound blog… the same one that gives us the dumb conservative quotes posted earlier today comes this about the liberals: The Stir, a cafemom blog I’m thinking I like this lady. She’s clever and seemingly fair (for the most part) with her blogging. I’ll take that over political extremist propoganda any day. Continue reading Dumb Quotes, Round 2

Dumb Quotes, Round 1

From the right side of the political aisle comes these dumb quotes…now lets not have any one getting too excited, I know the left side has just as many political idiots and their proof of interview/press conference intelligence will soon be posted as well… Check out this newfound blog…it seems as much “balanced” as it is interesting: The Stir, a cafemom blog, and that certainly is refreshing for a change! Continue reading Dumb Quotes, Round 1

Showing Face

I signed up with Facebook some 18 months ago out of curiosity and because of the popular buzz surrounding it. I quickly learned one could enjoy the everyday happenings of family and friends, and pictures (always the posted pictures). Facebook has found many of my old friends and has reconnected me with family members that long ago traveled a different path than mine. It has been more fun than not catching up with those folks. With that promise, I had hoped it would truly be a “social network”, but alas the Facebook allure has lost its luster with me. Continue reading “Showing Face”

mileSTONED again

St. Patrick’s Day proved to have some luck for me – ya know, I’m really beginning to believe in this fate stuff lately.  You see I am a wee bit Irish there laddie, which may explain my likening to have a listen (and sing along) with U2, Mary Black, Celtic Woman, and a tendency to take down a mess potatoes like no one’s business. But if you ask me about Notre Dame, I will tell you my two favorite teams on game day are K-State and whoever is playing ND.

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Spoil the political fun, spare the video

On a recent friend’s Facebook posting, I endured this 10-minute drumming of political summary (10 minutes you guys…I’m just saying “pack a lunch” if you’re going to watch it). So as a courtesy to the original Facebook post, I have spared others my “comment” of lengthy reply to that YouTube “TRUTH” (however this blog is updated to Facebook daily so it will show up and allow for rebuttals at my expense, and not that of original post):

As most of my close friends and family (may) know, I have little patience for scare tactics, heavily-leaning militant politics, and grossly bias commentary that tells me what, when, and how to think…imagine that of me, a non-rebel…yeah right?

It all started with my lame attempt at cleverness, saying “TV commercials with clowns can scare (or laugh) the crap out of you….” as a comment to the video and posting lead-in of the YouTube “if this doesn’t scare the crap out of you I’m not sure what will.” My bad y’all…but have you seen those commercials lately? They are screamingly funny!

So I use my own media for this reply…. Continue reading “Spoil the political fun, spare the video”


As yet another new page to my Blog is added, please know it’s a public way to journey in trying to be a better and smarter kind of guy. Some of you know I enjoy the business, management, self-improvement, rah-rah type books, so I’m going to capture some of the advice from those books, here on the blog. I’m also doing other self-improvement experience besides the books (that might be kind of scary if you think too much about it). If you’re so inclined, over on the left margin (of the Blog page) you will see the page Better to click. In … Continue reading Bettering

777 and a year-long goodbye to friends

It was a year ago yesterday, 9/29/2008, that this crazy economic recession hit home with a drop in the Dow Jones, 777 points. This was a stock market crash never before seen in world economics – it out-performed (probably a poor choice of words noting my IRA value right now) The Great Depression and the tough recession in 1987 (the year I started my own business I might add…because of a job loss then).  Our recession has thus far survived two presidencies, an impotent Congress, unrelenting political finger pointing, and facts and figures that really give me a headache. But the worst of this economic mess is job losses for the American worker.

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Be back at it on Friday week

I’m going fishing…in Canada…with my Dad…and OFB TR…we will be at a place that knows no internet…Walleye and Northerns will be caught and consumed in considerable quantities…I won’t have time to blog, nor be able to…until I get back…then you guys get a look at all the pictures I plan to take, and the stories I expect to tell (or make up). OFBB Jai Jai and OFSIL Bec – you two try not to let the Cubbies and the Jaybirds lose their first pre-season game tomorrow.  And while you’re at it, watch out over my Mildcats would ya? The Saint has … Continue reading Be back at it on Friday week

The good things from the Power of Word

The fun of blogging is reaching out to readers to the extent a comment is prompted. My recent posting of MJ surfaced a new found friend, a new fellow WordPress blogger of a young age with refreshingly polite, yet differing opinions than mine on the subject. Another objecting opinion to my posts that join the ranks of regulars OFSIL Bec, OFGP JaiJai, OFNiDani, OFNi Emily, and of course OFB Tony (I know of a few other readers but they remain silent in their commentary). Cheesy I know, but blogging is fun…did I already say that once? Meeyayts and my comment exchanges can be … Continue reading The good things from the Power of Word

Somebody pinch me

Okay gang. That was the week from all-get-out.

Most of you know of this aged guy taking a major hickey test this week; studying like his life depended on it; stressing like a heart attack….

and about heart attacks, the musically talented lowly of a man Michael “has anyone seen my kids” Jackson died; and then of anal cancer, as did everyone my age’s fantasy girlfriend Farrah Faucett; and then of sadness and loneliness, as did second-to-none sidekick extraordinaire Ed McMahon.

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T-minus 1 week

Sorry gang, I’ve studying for an exam lately and have neglected the ol’ gossip rag (aka The Blog). Hang with me – I will be through this in a week. Yessiree, I’m taking the LEED exam next Thursday morning. Please don’t ask me why because this old puppy-dog doesn’t always do well with new tricks. From what I’ve done online and studied to date, it would not surprise me to be taking the LEED exam again one day. Passing this test is becoming exceedingly discouraging each day.  I don’t rightly know whether it’s the difficult material needing learned, or the fact I haven’t … Continue reading T-minus 1 week

On Down the Road(ways)

Hey TMay82 Blogsters – when you get a minute, check out FD’s most recent posts from her Philippines trip earlier this year: Urdenata and Manila.  Her adventures can be the envy of the family on occasion.  And her unintentional antics (I think)…well, just watch her “George W. meets the locked door” impression in “Urdenata”…it makes me laugh out loud. Here’s the W “locked door” YouTube refresher just in case you’ve been too Obamulated of late and forgot, then see if you can find FD’s incident: Continue reading On Down the Road(ways)

The other side of the camera

One issue I’ve realized over the past several months is a lack of pictures. It’s not so much that I don’t have pictures – I actually have 4,565 of them so far this year since I’ve started this 365 / Picture-a-day thing.  I just don’t have a decent one of myself for posting to the blog.  Mind you, I have 293 pictures of OFGNi Madison; 353 pics of OFGNe Mick; and I have 26 of me. That ratio really doesn’t bother me whatsoever.

So if I want a picture in the sidebar of this blog, I’m kind of forced to choose a goofy one from my library (the one uploaded now is looking like I have gas and I’m self-humored because of it). Please know, I extend my sincere apologies for the creepiness pose in the left column even though I look like I feel better…the gas thing and all ya know. Continue reading “The other side of the camera”


Hey, hey, hey! Get on down the Roadway!

Have you seen the FD’s weblog lately? She and an Inca Trail buddy Suzanne are trying to establish themselves with YouTube “shorties” about town (NYC). I personally think they are about the best thing a traveler could listen to before going out on the town. Check out Roadways (I also have a permanent link off to the side, but y’all need to be using it). The girl they put in front of the camera is cute, funny, and will certainly bring a smile to your face. Continue reading “Roadways”