Milestones to toss about

Last week marked a milestone for the TMay82 blog – it passed it’s 5,000th hit (if you have yet to noticed, at the bottom of the left column is a running total). This blog averages about 25-30 hits per day, and most of those come from a handful of  OFBgrs (yup…I’m adding a new blogism to the list: OFBgr = One Faithful Blogger).

Since blogging has a cool stats feature, it tells me what buttons can/should be pushed with my postings to generate the visits and comments.  This blog’s 98 postings has generated 215 comments across 32 different categories having 103 tags. What does that mean? It means I talk (write…some might say babble) alot.

Most Popular Postings

  1. Big 8+4 (A weekly passion and/or obsession during football season)
  2. Movie Lines (always an application for a movie quote in everyday conversation)
  3. Saturday Football (commentary on the favorite sport)
  4. Bowling ’08 (the perennial game played amongst friends)
  5. Queen of Scots (the beloved Scottie Terrier)

Most Popular Clicks (where you go from this blog page)

  1. Flickr (the online picture gallery of this blog’s choosing)
  2. (FS and FSTBDIL’s blog)
  3. tmay365pics (the picture-per-day blog that was mothballed because of “suggestions” made from OFSIL Bec and OFGP JaiJai – you now click Flickr to see the picture-of-the-day…updated weekly)

Most Popular Referrers (how others come to this blog page)

  1. (intended to have equal give and take conditions…however new postings “over there” have been noticeably and annoyingly infrequent of late, at best)

Most Busy Day (most Blog visits)

  1. 92 hits on 7/18/08 – “Queen of Scots” (the story of Mackie)

The six or so known OFBgrs that routinely and regularly check out my “expression”, perhaps on a daily basis, provide the initiative to keep the postings fresh and frequent. I think: OFSIL Becky reads this blog every day and gets a heaping portion of my appreciation and accolades for doing so; OFNi Emily doesn’t let too many days go by between visits; OFGaP (One Favorite Gal Pal) JaiJai is still a reliable visitor and always good for a football comment; OFB Tony is getting hooked on this media but doesn’t want anyone to know it; Dad checks this out on a weekly basis…so he says (have yet to write something that generates a “comment” from him) and claims he types too slow to comment…now come on Daaaaad; several friends and co-workers say they check in on the blog regularly…sure they do. 

But I am sure there are many more family and friends that visit and never say anything. If you come and go without a word, how am I to know and acknowledge your visit? To that I respond: “What say you?” and thanks for the check up/in. Next time leave a comment. Let me know you’re out there (in a non-stalking kind of way please)…it might give me something to write about…or at least track with the way cool stat thing.

Thanks for the 5000 hits. I hope I’m good for another 5000 and can keep you entertained and engaged.


2 thoughts on “Milestones to toss about

  1. I hope that you do not consider me a “stalker-type”. LOL! I do check your blog every single day, OFBIL. I am a life-long learner! Because I am a self-diagnosed OCD sufferer (confirmed by my OFH [only favorite husband]), I have a regular routine at 7:30 a.m. each morning. I peruse an alphabetized host of regular sites – hotmail,,,, just to name a few. TMay82 is my fave!!! :o) bec


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