(146) The Bridged Daily Cap

One of many cool bridges that span the creeks, ravines, and rivers in the mountains of northern Arkansas…this one near Cotter is appropriately called the “Cotter Bridge” and was built in 1930. The bridge spans the White River. It has National Register of Historic Places as well as National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark designations. It begs the “they don’t make like they used to” statement to said aloud. I wouldn’t mind owning the home on the ridge that has this view out the back door…. Continue reading (146) The Bridged Daily Cap

Bridge Over (Un)Troubled Waters

OK. I admit this photo was taken traveling 65 mph, the car window down, traversing over a large body of water (for inland Texas anyway), in traffic, and with one hand…but the hot air balloon next to a setting sun was just too much (good) to ignore. Under bridge in Austin – oh the things you see and notice (not to mention the occasional pedestrian passing by on the other side) Continue reading Bridge Over (Un)Troubled Waters