The Halfway Point Daily Cap(s) (183)

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The Big 12-10=2+14 Conference

Did anyone else N-O-T watch the Texas Shorthorns, Texas A&M Maggies, Texas Tech-Western Auburn University Red Taiters, and the Oklahoma Spooners over the weekend? Oklahoma State is “sooner” to join that list (because whatever big brother OU says, they do)…. I have no intentions to watch them, even when they play my beloved Wildcats of K-State.

Ahhh the foul-smelling list that already includes Nebraska Cornsuckers and Colorado Duffalos just keeps growing.

Why should we watch disloyalty football?

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FCS 9/17/2011

Hey all you fellow FCS football fans…here’s your game to follow today: Top FCS Matchups No. 10 Eastern Washington Eagles at No. 11 Montana Grizzlies No. 17 Chattanooga Mocs at Eastern Kentucky Colonels Delaware State Hornets at No. 7 Delaware Blue Hens No. 14 James Madison Dukes at No. 20 Liberty Flames No. 24 Sacramento State Hornets at Weber State Wildcats Keep Your Eyes on This • The defending national champions are 0-2. Is it time for QB Bo Levi Mitchell and No. 10 Eastern Washington to panic? In what many are calling a must-win game for the Eagles, they … Continue reading FCS 9/17/2011

Giving up on Saturday Football already?

No way! But with the current state of mess at the NCAA and with all this “superconference” talk thrown about like a poorly schemed screen play, I think my study, thought, and enjoyment goes to the FCS teams around the country. They seem content to play football instead of banker.

It started with a game back in January. You know, I did go to that game and thoroughly enjoy sitting with the EWU folks. It was the Eastern Washington-Delaware championship game last season played in Frisco. It was a good time and I was glad to see Delaware beaten (for reasons I won’t go into here…and now). If interested, check out that post: Crown Those Champions

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Longhorn League Predunktion

The long awaited, highly anticipated, absurdly accurate prognostications for 2011 Big 12 Football…or perhaps more appropriately named: The Longhorn League, The Small 10, The Little 12, The Beebe Ball Busted Conference…I could go on you know…..

That giant sucking sound you hear the in the Big 12 this year…it’s coming from south of Waco…it’s those Shorthorns taking the life (and fun) out of college football…it’s the Maggies trying to sneak out of here with their tailbone pad tucked between their legs…it’s U of You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me H hoping they get into this new minor league of college football that is taking shape. Oh yeah, SMU is annoying everyone by tapping on shoulder pads wanting some kind of deathly attention – I guess that’s sucking too, huh?

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We’ll have none of that from here on out…


The Fighting Sioux of the University of North Dakota!



There, I said it…three times.

I’ve also posted their logo. Oh Nooo!

The NCAA and Big Sky Conference will probably threaten to sanction me now. Ahhh, probably not…I said it before the August 15th imposed mascot-change deadline so I should be OK.
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“I think he’s going to eat Gary”

I do love that M&M commercial….

I do not love the SI article, College Football and Crime, in that it whistles the top college football programs and flags the criminals they recruit and/or keep on the team…all for the sake of TV dollars and fleeting glory. As most of you know, I have repeatedly claimed I didn’t like or watch Pro Football because the college game was mostly guys playing for the love of the sport and in the spirit of campus camaraderie (that good ol’ college try, why don’t ya?).

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Enthusiasm counts for something

On the UNT campus and directly across from the new football stadium under construction, I attended a Denton Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Luncheon today.  The featured speaker was Dan McCarney, the latest meanest greenest head coach for the University of North Texas. I wanted to speak with him afterwards, knowing most UNT football coaches in the past were always looking for someone to talk to after such an event, but the crowd surrounded the coach following the luncheon, apparently all wanting to literally rub elbows and become infected with his energy. So I went back to work on a beautiful, sunny, 79° Friday afternoon. Continue reading “Enthusiasm counts for something”

2010 Big 8-2+4 Predictions

Since my manhood may have been in question for withholding my predictions (but surely not my football mind); since my game-by-game predictions of seasons past has become obvious they had more popularity than I thought; since I am the oft-disputed champ of football prognostications (I whup all comers), how does this grab everyone?

My 2010 Saturday Football predictions (and comments) for the Big 8-2+4:

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Big 8 – 2 + 4: The 2010 Saturday Football prognostications

It’s Saturday Football time and here we go with the annual Pig 12 pigskin forecast. I’m sure at least two of my faithful will weigh in on this – I hope a few more will as well.

Prediction highlight summary:

Texas falls to the 3rd best pro team in the State this year but exercise their new right to television broadcast their commercialism across the football nation. Jerry Jones becomes a huge UT fan as he sees yet another opportunity to make a few extra bucks – Jerry is rumored to have already invited the Longhorns to play in the Super Bowl come February.

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Big 8 – 2 + 4: The 2010 Saturday Football Saga

I will admit, my procrastination this year in making predictions is all UT’s fault. Pardon me while I puke through my helmet ear hole as that one university single handedly sat down one day this summer and said “let’s scare the beegeebers out of everybody”. So they forearm shivered every other Little 11 teams in the noggin and gave their helmets a spin right there on top of their heads.

Big 8+4 has become the Big 8-2+4, the Little 10, The Big One (or as they say in Austin, “The Big Un”), The Longhorn League, The DeMac Conference, Conference Texas and The Others, The Big TeXas Conference. The new league logo is to have “The Others” mascots shown skewered on the horns of a grinning Longhorn.

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