Pay me, or else

That’s right. I’m taking any payments from any of yuze guys to stop my “postaday2011” blogging. I figured I too might be able to cash in on getting paid not to do something. It seems today a certain retailer (Abercrombie + Fitch) has offered to pay “The Situation” and the “Jersey Shore” cast not to wear their apparel. Huh? WUWT?

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Found a Friend

Still a relatively new newlywed and a most recent mom, Holly started her own special event coordinator business after working several years for the City of Lake Dallas as their Special Events Coordinator. The Lake Cities business community think the world of her. So now she’s a sole proprietor and for the most part has low overhead costs; she can also to the Mom things with her daughter as needed. Holly has it figured out I think. And to top it all off, she’s a fellow wordpresser – check her out…give her some business. Something to Celebrate. tm Continue reading Found a Friend