The Tilted x 3 Daily Dance(s)

” I am actually good, can’t help it if we’re tilted”… Pardon me for posting three versions of the same song – each good by itself. I just didn’t know which one to share. Love this artist; love her knee swings at the 2:11 marker of song (English version – 1st one); love the live version (3rd one). Unless you know French, to comprehend the lyrics leave the 2nd one to listen to till last. I betting that if this song doesn’t make you get up and dance and sing a couple of catchy phrases, you will at least be tapping your … Continue reading The Tilted x 3 Daily Dance(s)

The Runaround Reaction

A Facebook friend shared this post  and it was just to good not to pass on. When all the “roundaround” of the week has given you a high step and shuffle kick in the rear, this video helps put a perspective on the fun of just living in the moment (and I caution that the video end is a bit direct…funny, but maybe not necessarily for anyone in a non-dancing “prude mood”). Continue reading The Runaround Reaction

I Think I Will Dance Now

I remember loving this lady’s singing (way) back in high school. So tonight I catch the credits of the movie “The Family That Preys” and the closing song made me pause….”is that?…could it be?…yes it is Gladys and it’s no Midnight Train she’s belting!” Now she’s gone and got me loving her all over again. Thank you lady! I know, some of you will be thinking I’m so far behind on this song sung some four years ago, huh? Well don’t. It is as much a song for the soul tonight as it was in 2008! “…Promise me that you’ll … Continue reading I Think I Will Dance Now

The Dances With Turkeys Daily Cap(s) (100)

I know…you guys are probably getting tired of all the turkey pictures, but this morning these two, I swear, were dancing for me. It’s probably the same two that were singing for me a couple days ago. Regardless, let it be known here and now that anyone who dances for me will at least get the top Limeyfish post-a-day billing. So if you can, please enjoy the series of 12 consecutive pictures of these two Tom’s strutting their stuff in a manly way just for me. It was definitely their defining stage moment; their showtime and time to show; their … Continue reading The Dances With Turkeys Daily Cap(s) (100)