Kettle enjoying

So it is that I got through the remainder of the pictures taken on the Canadian fishing trip last weekend. This was a really fun trip y’all. It is a time when all 3 sons got to spend some quality time together. Mostly, the three of us got to share the trip (and time) with Dad.

At this stage in each of our lives, we find ourselves pulling back together as a family. Our bonds seem to become stronger each time we are together. The joys, concerns, troubles, enjoyments, ribbings, teasings, adventures, journeys, trials, tribulations, risks, and sorrows we seem to share with each other more. What better people to share those with, than with family?

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Kettle Chilling

Man ‘o man. When a guy is used to 107 degree weather for the last 65 days living in Texas and he goes off to Ontario and wakes up to rainy, damp 45 degree weather…that’s chill’!

I bundled up with just about everything I brought. 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, 1 undershirt, 1 shortsleeve shirt, 1 long sleeve shirt, a vest, and then a rain suit…and I still had a chill this morning boating to the first fishing spot.

Another great time on the English River. Fishing was better than yesterday. Shore lunch was “Franks” (Walleye fillet fast-marinated in Frank’s hot sauce, then breaded with 2 parts flour 1 part cornmeal…and then fried in as much lard as the pan holds). Oh good heaven’s my waist line is already expanding.

BTW, the turtle is a Snapping Turtle. Frank (one of our guides) told us we needed to leave him alone (for obvious reasons apparently). The Small Mouth Bass of Tony’s…that won him a Halley’s Trophy Angler Cap for it measuring 18.5″. Maybe that will make up for the one he lost in the lake yesterday.

Today’s pictures come from all 3 May boys…



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Kettle Raining

The rain started about 3 am and it chased us all day long. We all stayed dry for the most part although the fishing was lousy – Tony and I caught more sticks than fish – and the lake claimed a number of our fishing lures.

Shore lunch was outstanding as usual. Had a blast – Dad and I watch a Bald Eagle swoop down for a dead fish about 40 yards from the boat…now that was pretty way cool. We went to the lodge after that show.


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