So it is that I got through the remainder of the pictures taken on the Canadian fishing trip last weekend. This was a really fun trip y’all. It is a time when all 3 sons got to spend some quality time together. Mostly, the three of us got to share the trip (and time) with Dad.

At this stage in each of our lives, we find ourselves pulling back together as a family. Our bonds seem to become stronger each time we are together. The joys, concerns, troubles, enjoyments, ribbings, teasings, adventures, journeys, trials, tribulations, risks, and sorrows we seem to share with each other more. What better people to share those with, than with family?

This crazy, expensive picture-taking hobby of mine is so worth the money and time invested. Pictures not only chronicle history, however insignificant as it may seem, they also can speak to all those (family) sharing moments and life events.

Often times those folks that know I photograph “things”…they ask me what it is that I like take pictures of. I mostly like capturing people and stepping up to an artistic challenge to photograph what is said through expression and body language without hearing a spoken word. Sure, into the mix I throw the nature and sunrise/sunset photos I so like to photograph…and those too can sometimes speak without speaking. But it is the people-picture-candids, those of family and friends in particular, that gives me the elusive “say chesse” moment I try to capture everyday. That’s what I tell them…at least those that ask.

Call me sentimental…or brotherly…or son-ly. Call me amateur in my hobby skills. But don’t call me someone that has forgotten how to enjoy and experience life, regardless of what it throws out there to bat around. And with my photos, this shutterbug hobby, and the posts found on this blog, I hope you too can let go for a bit….

Thanks goes to everyone at Kettle Falls Lodge at Halley’s Camps. You guys became more than just a fishing story this past weekend. It was a special five days with Dad and the FBs for sure, even though I outfished them all.

If you want to check out more pictures of our Canadian fishing trip, you can find those through these Flickr links:

Halley’s Camps Canada Sept 2011 – Fishing
Halley’s Camps Canada Sept 2011 – Bear Growling
Halley’s Camps Canada Sept 2011