The Play Daily Cap(s) (19)

It was a playful, spirited, and Scottie Sunday while out and about on our morning (w-a-l-k) routine I’m guessing that perhaps walking the Scotties as a morning routine is more desirable than playing with a silly old ‘varoom’ airplane this weekend. Continue reading The Play Daily Cap(s) (19)

The New Year Daily Cap(s) (1)

I will give this “Daily Cap(tion) a try again this year. 2013 was my lazy photography year and I so missed the creative satisfaction of “looking” for that picture-a-day worthy of posting. Let’s hope I can finish the year out with a picture and caption-per-day. And so it is that I start 2014 off right, as far as I’m concerned: Continue reading The New Year Daily Cap(s) (1)

We Had A Wonderful Visit

While in town last week on business (sort of), I got to spend time with the FS, FDIL, and The FGs Lincoln! Although he didn’t quite know what to think of me since it had been 6 weeks since I last saw (held) him, he warmed up with some wonderful conversation in no time…. We then went for a short walk (from the car to the restaurant), the FS, Lincoln, and me…. Continue reading We Had A Wonderful Visit

The Christmas Day Daily Cap(s) (360)

What fun we’ve had! Fun times with the present opening…. His other grandpa repurposed the FDIL’s childhood Radio Flyer wagon for Lincoln – turned out great! Lincoln got an alligator hat for Christmas – it didn’t stay on his head long…. A long day and tons of presents…he’s now starting to wind down for the day…. We all hope y’all are having a grand and merry Christmas The end of a long day…. Continue reading The Christmas Day Daily Cap(s) (360)