Sunny Side Up

The more I use my Canon G15, the more I figure out what it can and cannot do. I set this on AV mode and messed with the settings for a dozen shots or so. One thing for sure is when I do close ups, that high dollar tripod sitting on the backseat floorboard of my truck ought to be put to use. Despite the camera shake and crabby cursing of a bright mid-day sun, the butterfly was a champ in having tremendous patience as I tried to find just the right angle. Continue reading Sunny Side Up

European Architecture After Dark: Nightvision

I haven’t posted a video in quite a while – not that I haven’t found one that is pretty cool – but I had to share this one with y’all. Outstanding photography, film, and music. So just how many of these places can you name without looking them up? I decided I either have to pull out some old college architectural history textbooks and re-aquaint myself with the grandeur and majesty that are these glorious structures of¬†European architecture, or I go over and spend some time there… Oh alright then, I’ll do both. Who’s with me on this trip? Continue reading European Architecture After Dark: Nightvision

Weekly Photo Challenge: Above

Every time I’m through Reagan Airport in Washington D.C., I find myself photographing the way-cool roof “above” Look up! See what is “above” the street (an office building in DC) Posting the colors “above” the atrium at the Washington DC Hyatt Regency From 20 floors “above” looking down on, among the other hotel lobby amenities, a piano on an island…if only they had let me showcase my unbridled talent for playing chopsticks. Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Above