Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

Several ideas on this one….

Men's Room Entrance at the famous "Harry Met Sally and everybody remembers that scene" Katz's Deli in Manhattan...I think they make it clear who's room this really is

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Now this is something I’ve got a whole lot of pictures of….

Most of you limeyfishers know how I like my sunrises over the lake. So I went through the 1,000+ photos of sunrises and pick a few favorites. Then I debated on whether to post them in this “challenge”. So I searched a bit more . I may have stretched the challenge (maybe I don’t think so now) by taking “morning” and figuring what  pictures I had that showed something happening then.

What cha think?

A Gray Heron is startled into flight early this morning; 10/24/2009

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Too many pictures to choose from for this week’s Photo Challenge. So guess what? I’ll just put a bunch up here. Sorry gang, the dreaded “family slide show” shall commence now. BTW, I made the pictures smaller to make it seem like you’re scrolling through them faster. Grab your popcorn and beer…please silence your cell phones during the show :)

I’m kind of partial to lines, whether they’re formal or natural (it’s what I’ve done with myself for the past 29 years)….

Lining up the putt (Relay For Life Golf Tourney, Hays Kansas - just so happens to be both my OFBs)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

This is a fun topic this week – thanks WordPress.com! I’ve got lots of “old” I could share.

My camera is always in search of that old setting regardless of the subject. It seeks out the “old” like a magnet to metal because “old” will have character and personality unlike what you get with something built of more youthful age (unfortunately that also goes for people sometimes).

Call me sentimental, or perhaps it was fate…maybe ironic, but this song came up in the play order from my iTunes while posting the pictures. Play it – I bet you even know the lyrics. Enjoy the music while you enjoy (hopefully) the photos.

An old Denton (Texas) house some would say in desperate need of painting

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

And here I thought the Weekly Photo Challenge was “Beach”….

When you say “beach”, I’m not thinking of the local beach down by the lake. “Beach” = Ocean, and it has been since August of 2007 when the last time I step foot in one (ocean). I am of the recent opinion that that fact in itself qualifies for a much needed “beach” vacation…I’ll be in Galveston for nearly a week next month! Maybe that will count as long as I avoid the jellyfish and tar balls.

In the mean time these photos will have to do: Our trip to New England. What a blast this was. FD took the train from NYC to Providence, FS flew with us. The four of us – most likely our last foursome vacation – was very special.  Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean”