The commercials and their game

So many times before, the Super Bowl commercials have out-played the teams at the NFL’s biggest event. I heard a statistic last week, from a media source I can no longer remember, that more than half the television viewers of the Super Bowl watch primarily to see the commercials. Now I sit down each year to watch the game, and will admit, many games have caused me to get refills, food, and frequent the commode during football play and be back in my seat in time for the commercials.

This year we were treated with a good game of football and commercials some are saying were lame. I say “hold onto your wallet that’s Jerry Jones walking by”. Wanna know my votes? Continue reading “The commercials and their game”

Life Lesson No. ???

There have been only a few television shows that strike at my core. As my family will attest, one of them (actually multiple series) has been annoying to the entire family – Star Trek (Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer) – but then they only needed to get beyond the amateurness of acting and become one with the story line to truly appreciate the brilliance of the series.

Another favorite of mine is All in the Family. I love Archie. He reminds me of today’s right-wing Republicans that can never say a good or positive thing about…well, anything unless it deals with the increasing size of their wallet. One can only laugh in agreement or at the absurdity of the claims – there’s no middle ground with Archie.

But perhaps my all time favorite is The Andy Griffith Show. Even though I much-prefer the black & white, Don Knotts shows, never was an episode (black & white or color) aired that didn’t tell a life story or give a life lesson. And when Andy was doing the talking, it was golden…espicially if a very young Opie was at the receiving end of his lessons. Andy, the pillar of the community, the rock of reason, the class of the class, the good ‘ol boy that can relate to the bubba, is always bringing common-sense justice to the lives and purpose to the day’s events of Mayberry citizens .

See if you agree. Andy makes quick explanation and sense of a convoluted play, and re-tells a story of human nature and suggests a reasonable alternative to the problem. (probably not exactly what the playwright had in mind)  Continue reading “Life Lesson No. ???”

The Super Bowl cometh

It’s coming on Sunday. Many watch the event more for the commercials than the football played – remember the Bud-Weis- er frogs?  This year, a 30-second ad will cost $3 million. Even though the economy is on the skids and regular advertisers like a certain overnight delivery courier has elected not to participate this year, good old Miller High Life has pulled off a marketing coup (one humble man’s opinion). They are doing the “one second ad”, saying that’s all they need to “remind viewers that Miller High Life is common sense in a bottle”. Continue reading “The Super Bowl cometh”

We all should have 10-minutes of fame sometime

If you’re not in church Sunday morning, first look to the sky for dark clouds before stepping outside for the paper, then tune into HGTV Landscaper’s Challenge (8:00 a.m. central time). Tune in and/or check your local listing. My faithful bloggers wanting to know a little something about what I do for a day job, the girth of my waist line, wish to comment on the thinning lid, and be amused by my goofy looks can tune into that show for a good time. Now I’m not one that is comfortable tooting my own horn but when you get your 10 minutes of TV time (and its not because of an illegal action), blast away and tell somebody, anybody, and everybody…. Continue reading “We all should have 10-minutes of fame sometime”