We all should have 10-minutes of fame sometime

If you’re not in church Sunday morning, first look to the sky for dark clouds before stepping outside for the paper, then tune into HGTV Landscaper’s Challenge (8:00 a.m. central time). Tune in and/or check your local listing. My faithful bloggers wanting to know a little something about what I do for a day job, the girth of my waist line, wish to comment on the thinning lid, and be amused by my goofy looks can tune into that show for a good time. Now I’m not one that is comfortable tooting my own horn but when you get your 10 minutes of TV time (and its not because of an illegal action), blast away and tell somebody, anybody, and everybody….

In the early summer of 2006, I had the fortune of being selected as one of three designers to come up with a backyard landscape that would give a young Dallas family all the gizmos to become outdoor cooking pros. It was a good time competing (oops – I mean auditioning) for the spot, meeting the family, filming with a Las Colinas crew over 2 days, introducing California TV producers to Texas, and oh yea…designing.

Even though the final day was met with an unusal and unfortunate circumstance that had one-half the Henry’s (family) absent from 2 of the 3 presentations, it was fun none the less. Guess who won…no sour grapes here, “the show must go on”.

This episode first aired this spring – Easter Sunday. I was told about it the following Monday from several friends. Thanks for the heads up HGTV.

If you miss the show, you can at least get an idea of the winner. HGTV Landscaper’s Challenge “Barbeque Haven”.  I did learn that the television industry is a lot like others – they don’t follow up with you unless you still owe them something. HGTV promised to stay in touch and send a DVD of the episode prior to the airing. That hasn’t happened except for one email about a year ago (saying they didn’t know an airing schedule yet) and trying to get a telephone call placed to them is next to impossible. Maybe a blogger can give me advice on schmoozing the Hollywood types without a couch involved.

Sorry for the late posting – I just learned about the schedule on a whim web search. I have my record time already set provided the satillite signal stays good for at least 30 minutes tomorrow morning. Come by and watch the tape anytime…and bring gifts and awe worthy of someone with 10-minutes of fame.

I will try to find a copy of my design and post it if I get enough interest – oh hell, I’ll do it regardless and extend the 10-minutes are while longer.


3 thoughts on “We all should have 10-minutes of fame sometime

  1. By the way…one question that Gerry and I were both wondering…how do you have a plasma TV outside on a day like today when it’s going to be 107 in the shade…or when it snows…or rains sideways…all of which we have experienced in the last year?


  2. I would caution anyone about expected longivity when it comes to interior-rated electronic appliances exposed to the exterior elements. You also need to game plan securing the big $$$ investment from any neighborhood hooligans. Maybe you take it in each night?

    Over time, the likilhood of grease and smoke from the grill adhereing to and/or “staining” of the house and underside of a solid shade canopy should be considered. One should plan for prevailing breezes and a generous vertical clearance above the grill to help disperse the nasties…if you want a grill under roof (doesn’t the instruction manuals say that’s not a good idea?). Maybe a vent hood would work?

    Regarding your referenced “robbery”: Michelle’s absence from Randy and my presentations was actually not work related as the show eluded to. Thankfully their daughter was home from the ER that evening. The filming did go on despite a medical emergency. (I wonder what HGTV would have done had Randy or I got ill – probably no face time on the episode and another creative script writing).

    You and Gerry will be my first post-show appointment. And lucky you guys: I already have the design is done (HA!).


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