The Super Bowl cometh

It’s coming on Sunday. Many watch the event more for the commercials than the football played – remember the Bud-Weis- er frogs?  This year, a 30-second ad will cost $3 million. Even though the economy is on the skids and regular advertisers like a certain overnight delivery courier has elected not to participate this year, good old Miller High Life has pulled off a marketing coup (one humble man’s opinion). They are doing the “one second ad”, saying that’s all they need to “remind viewers that Miller High Life is common sense in a bottle”.

For a sneak preview, enjoy the knucklehead (and I mean that in a hilarious sort of way) spokesman at the Miller website 1SecondAd – I’ve watched it several times and he only gets funnier. Be sure to explore at least 4 of the 5 box options at the bottom of their web page (Warehouse, 1 Second Ads, Foam Finger, What $3M Buys, and High Life Extras).

These should make sense after you watch the “1 Second Ads” (I’m missing a few however)

  • Beer Here
  • High Life
  • one Mississippi
  • Miller Time
  • Football Shapes-a-lammi
  • Bonjou Milwaukee
  • Cha-pan-yon (Champion) of Beer
  • Back Bacon
  • Pigskin Gravy
  • Frugal Bugle
  • Bean Dip
  • Not Smansey
  • Tito’s here
  • Hold up…now
  • What’s my line…Miller
  • Of the Brave
  • <dog bark>
  • Happy Can
  • Hello Muckitymucks

Let me know your favorite.



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