The Down-By-The-Tracks Daily Cap (52)

Rickety tracks…. A local artist promoting alternative transportation, regardless of whether you have a good head on your shoulders or not… Some means of suggestion is just that and a bit outdated, and others perhaps too exhausting…. And somebody lives (or works) in this box of an abode…. Continue reading The Down-By-The-Tracks Daily Cap (52)

FD call reminded me of our trip

We did that trip last August. Deb & I drove to Philadelphia – she had a work conference – I went on into Brooklyn to deliver furniture and see FD and FSIL.

The FD took me to a way cool historic cemetery – Green-Wood – that she knew I would really like. She was right.

500,000 visitors a year; 7,000 trees; gardens; ponds; fountains; population is a non-complaining 560,000 folks founded in 1838.

This place even has a map!

Go if you can!¬† Continue reading “FD call reminded me of our trip”