Faired Well at the State Fair

Big Tex and a mighty fine "Howdy Folks" awaits fair-goers as they arrive each and every year

Sunday…I took a trip to The Great State Fair of Texas!

What a glorious day it was – breezy, upper 80┬░, and when you’re one of the first to arrive, parking was easy, convenient, and close to the entrance gate!

Each year the State Fair is an intentional┬ádestination. I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said my primary reasoning going is for the Auto Show.

I go for the people watching!

I go for the live entertainment on stage (several venues around the fairgrounds)!

I go for free ice cream cone and the give-away bread sampling at the Dairy/Grain Building!

I go to marvel at the wonderful Art Deco buildings scattered about the fairgrounds!

But mostly, I go for the traditional food of the State Fair as well as each year’s must-have foods!

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