The Sunday NYC Daily Cap(s) (225)

It matters not the size of the camera or the photographer…just as long as the photo is gotten.
this is my landscape architecture photo of the day….it’s a cool spot. The small slivers of green space in this city always amazes me for a multitude of reasons.
Sitting at the Wall Street Bull Sculpture, this guy played the National Anthem over and over and over…he got a buck from me, a smile, and a nod of the head. He did the same back…except for the dollar bill
It’s me and graveyards again….came across this famous gravesite at the Trinity Church (the church that “survived” 9/11 being a couple blocks from Ground Zero and now the sidewalk has the last of the Occupy Wall Street crowd).
I could spend days and days doing nothing other than photographing the neat windows, doors, and building facades of NYC
Attended FD’s matinee performance of “Falling”…she was outstanding, in fact the entire cast did a bang-up job.
I love the bridges of NYC as well…this one is The Williamsburg (and I wasn’t driving BTW)
If anyone has a preconceived idea that NYC is all concrete….well not quite.
NYC cyclists are a creative bunch despite their bike rack craftsmanship being something less than desirable…personal opinion of course
The Brooklyn Flea Market – cool place, wonderful artists, and a couple handfuls of vendors that make you wonder “who buys this stuff?”
Love the NYC street vendors and their character….
This has got to be an Ewok soccer player…no?
History all over the place….one of my favorite authors and wisdom-sayers
And right down the street from the Mark Twain house is the lady’s home that gave us this famous quote….
We did a night-time schooner ride from Pier 62 to the Stature of Liberty…and back. What a cool way to spend a Sunday eve – the Hudson River is quite peaceful at night (or at least this night it was)
We did a midnight stop in Chinatown…everyone ought to give Wo Hop Restaurant (downstairs) a try at least once…anytime of day, but know the midnight crowd is definitely interesting. This is the sign marking the restrooms….

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