We Had A Wonderful Visit

While in town last week on business (sort of), I got to spend time with the FS, FDIL, and The FGs Lincoln! Although he didn’t quite know what to think of me since it had been 6 weeks since I last saw (held) him, he warmed up with some wonderful conversation in no time…. We then went for a short walk (from the car to the restaurant), the FS, Lincoln, and me…. Continue reading We Had A Wonderful Visit

The Aunt T Is In Town Daily Cap(s) (174)

The Happy Family…. FDIL and FGs…it’s definitely happy time There he is! Hey Lincoln! To no one’s surprise, little Linc took right to his Aunt Tiffany…well not so much here as he pooped out quickly As his personality evolves, I hope this kiddo gets some of the best from at least these two of my favorites…we can sometimes be a fun bunch ya know Continue reading The Aunt T Is In Town Daily Cap(s) (174)