The Road-Home Daily Cap(s) (176)

We first had breakfast at a popular Austin iconic restaurant…this was bummer news, so I had water….I’ll show them!
Then look who showed up…sleeping of all things (but not for long when G-pa is around – sorry Mom/Dad)…hehehe
“Everybody pee before we hit the road”…and look what I find on the toilet room door. Yup, a toe door opener. I like this! But it doesn’t work well when wearing flip-flops, nor does it seem right to pull out your cell phone camera in a public restroom. Lord only knows what might happen next if you’re caught in the act…of a restroom photograph.
An old house-turned-picnic shelter…if only we had known to pack a lunch….
It goes without saying that we had to let our actor FD knock on each and every door, window, and opening in the exterior wall. She really wanted to see the inside of this theatre (in Salado Texas BTW) – no luck and we decided not to wait 5 hours for the evening performance….
I remember hot summer days doing this very thing….maybe even a time or two wearing a whole lot less aparrel than these kids (excuse the blur – I was photographing on the low water crossing bridge, in a moving vehicle, with traffic impatiently tolerating my slow speed.

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