The Lincoln Faces Daily Cap(s) (162)

Trying to match the expressions of FGS Lincoln…this is “feed me!”
“raspberry slobers”
“sometimes chubby cheeks will get cha a kiss on ’em”
“I’m working on it”
“sometimes it’s OK to cry if things might get a bit too much”
“what you talkin’ ’bout Willis?”
“Oh My Gosh!”
“I think it’s gonna be alright”

4 thoughts on “The Lincoln Faces Daily Cap(s) (162)

  1. That is your cutest blog EVER!!! Your baby boy is adorable and I’m so glad we got to meet him over the weekend. :o)


    1. Thanks Bec! It was great to see y’all, and especially fun to introduce Lincoln to the clan! (and it was really more fun for me to get to play with him)


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