Not your everyday neighborhood happening

Sunday, while gladly changing the channel away from a miserable Cowboy-Eagles game (that is if you’re a Cow-boys fan), I heard a loud scraping sound coming from the back yard. It was a sound similar to that of a heavy piece of metal being dragged across concrete. It is something you don’t hear everyday…

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Full of Balloony and Full of Hot Air

About 9:30 last night I finally got caught up with the DMN weekend “Guide” and discovered the Plano Balloon Festival was underway. This morning I ventured to Plano to catch a sunrise launch of countless Hot Air Balloons. As STBFDIL Tammy said in a reply text message (I sent her and several others a cell phone picture around 8:30), I did my own solo photowalk today.

Balloons aside, I don’t remember the last time I saw so many cameras – of all sizes, shapes, and styles – in one place. There was just a whole lot of photo walking, sitting, standing, and gawking go on. I could have learned a whole bunch about cameras and photo-taking had the guys with the lens as long as my arm stood still long enough for me to converse with them. Continue reading “Full of Balloony and Full of Hot Air”