The Up, Over, On, and Hmmm Daily Cap(s) (230)

Looking “Up” at the bottom side of a hot air balloon….
Not every gravesite has a bench “Over” the grave (at the historic Bedford Cemetery). To me, this is just an odd family plot, with all due respect of course. And note (if you look close enough) the lift bolts for the concrete vault lids are still in place.
Sought out this old wire bench under a shade tree to sit “On”….and I did till the skeeters ran me off.
“Hmmm”…in all of my cemetery and memorial fascinations, here it is I come upon my first Civil War Veterans Memorial. I’m unsure why it puzzles me so, but it does. Maybe it’s the tombstone look serving as a Memorial that has me frowning (found next to the historic Bedford Cemetery)…

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