The Dances With Turkeys Daily Cap(s) (100)

I know…you guys are probably getting tired of all the turkey pictures, but this morning these two, I swear, were dancing for me. It’s probably the same two that were singing for me a couple days ago. Regardless, let it be known here and now that anyone who dances for me will at least get the top Limeyfish post-a-day billing. So if you can, please enjoy the series of 12 consecutive pictures of these two Tom’s strutting their stuff in a manly way just for me. It was definitely their defining stage moment; their showtime and time to show; their … Continue reading The Dances With Turkeys Daily Cap(s) (100)

Kettle Falling

We made it into Kettle Falls at Halley’s Camps, Minaki Ontario…Dad, the two OFBs and me. Had a delightful dinner meal – 1/2″ thick sliced ham, scalloped potatoes, and a sliced apple crisp a la mode for desert. So much for my tonnage loss program for the next several days.

Look out Walleye, Pike and Smallies – we’re on the water tomorrow.

But tonight, we got the sights of a wonderful, cool evening with a setting sun and one of the guests brought in a black bear. This is gonna be fun…again (was here in 2009).


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