Tracking The Daily Cap(s) (63)

I've got a suspicion, but I need to pull out my trusty Boy Scout Handbook to confirm this wild varmint footprint...but if anyone wants to make their own suggestions while I find my 40 year old Handbook (I bet that has some dust on it), feel free to comment. BTW, this is an assumed varmint indigenous to North Texas


Now this would be your common, everyday, run-of-the-mill raccoon footprints. These are British creatures...have to be....they obviously are accustomed to driving on the left

3 thoughts on “Tracking The Daily Cap(s) (63)

  1. I’m thinking the same Mona. At first I thought it to be a bobcat as I’ve seen one in this area. But bobcats leave 4 toes in the sand. Then being at the water’s edge I thought maybe a possum, but your reference guide (which I’ve saved to my iPhone – thanks) suggests not.


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