Yes it’s true…

…the Eagles have a Vick.

Please excuse my amateur attempt of humor in varying a line from Ghostbusters, but it is the professional National Football League, aka NFL – Nuts, Felones, and Lifers, that gives us the most humorless story of the week.

One of my favorite radio talk shows is a local duo – Ernie and Jay. Friday, they devoted much of their midday talk show to the NFL, Philadelphia Eagles, and Michael Vick.  Hey! How did he get out of jail, being a felone and all, long before the Jackson family decides to bury Micheal (and what’s up with that?)?

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Only the Slate die young

Don’t know why I even give this mention, or press, or bother. It is obvious this bonehead didn’t get the tickets he wanted when going to the “BJ” concert years ago. But hey! I have a somewhat equal opportunity blog…and contrary to one buffoon’s opinion, Billy Joel remains all that and more you idiot!

The Worst Pop Singer Ever – Why, exactly, is Billy Joel so bad?

And short of insulting this Ron Rosenbaum like his no-talent ass has done to Joel, I dismiss the article in its entirety, knowing it must have been a really, no I mean r-e-a-l-l-y slow day in the newsroom at Slate.

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Flip Off

Local radio personalities Ernie and Jay (KRLD 1080 on the AM dial) have a 12 o’clock noon program call “Flip Off”. It allows callers (listeners) to “vent” any frustrations they have by simply flipping off whomever. Today’s Flip Off had me agreeing and smiling on all of them until the last guy with the GPS gift…then I laughed out loud, in my car, in traffic – I’m sure the drivers around me thought I was bothered to some degree. Any who, listen if you can/want/have the time…but if you start, you’ve got to listen past the same Key Whitman Eye Center commercial … Continue reading Flip Off

Raving Fans

Have you read the book? Ken Branchard is one of my go-to authors when it comes to self-help business and personal advice. It’s 13 bucks on Amazon right now. I try to apply his principals to everyday life. In fact, my family has now grown weary of my annoying commentary of customer service received when we hit the streets (they throw one of my trademark Dad sayings right back at me: “you can take him anywhere but out”). “Raving Fans” is a quick and easy read – with large print for those needing longer arms or stronger reading glasses.

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