The Scotties Daily Cap(s) (47)

The Royals had a spa day yesterday, getting a bath and haircut, and then felt a bit protective today in the 70 degree weather… The Princess Zoey taking in a lovely afternoon on the patio…. Neither Squirrels nor Mr. Kitty are welcome in our backyard… Prince Peaty on the move… The Princess was willing to play tag with the Prince…. Settling in on the living room chair for the evening…. Continue reading The Scotties Daily Cap(s) (47)

Spring Already?

Surprised? Nawww, not these two youngens…the mild temps had them a bit playful and with the Scottie Princess Zoey whimpering at them, at my side, gave me a momentary pose of curiosity to capture…. …that is until they go and do something like this! What did they think this was, Valentine’s Day or something? The Princess and I just looked at each other in disbelief after this oh-so-brief public display of affection (trust me on this – Scotties know these types of things should not be a common, every day occurrence). Continue reading Spring Already?

Scottie News

It is with much sadness that the former First Dog, Barney Bush has died. Because of my love of Scotties, the Bush’s loss is heartfelt; because of my own Mackie’s death 5 months ago, I know the memories will soon overtake the sadness. RIP Barney knowing you had one heck of a dog run for eight years. Losing a beloved pet is always difficult; losing a Scottie dog gives reason for all Scotties to aroooo in mournful harmony. And it is with much excitement that I announce our Princess Zoey, here a before and after photo of her day at … Continue reading Scottie News