Spring Already?

Surprised? Nawww, not these two youngens…the mild temps had them a bit playful and with the Scottie Princess Zoey whimpering at them, at my side, gave me a momentary pose of curiosity to capture….

…that is until they go and do something like this! What did they think this was, Valentine’s Day or something? The Princess and I just looked at each other in disbelief after this oh-so-brief public display of affection (trust me on this – Scotties know these types of things should not be a common, every day occurrence).

8 thoughts on “Spring Already?

  1. Lovely images, Tim. It’s good when a pet makes them stare in your direction for that important few seconds to get a shot. We only have sheep here (LOL!) but my cat, Levi, comes with me and it’s amazing how long a sheep will stand and stare at him. Lovely to see the deer. :-)


  2. your images are too good!! Animal photography is one thing i really want to do. its inspiring though!! really great images :)


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