The Sunset (sort of) Thursday Daily Cap(s) (243)

The Princess Zoey – she always makes a wonderful pose. Here, we’rve got a black-haired Scottie in near-sunset subdued light, yet the whites of her eyes are still so expressive….
Dang wasps start to gather near sunset (and sunrise for that matter) – I’ve sprayed this nest 4 times. Tomorrow I might set the tree ablaze to rid my backyard fo these pesky insects. Oh wait! Aerial spraying for West Nile starts tomorrow evening – I’ll spare the tree another day to see what happens with that….
Thursday night…Texas high school football…at sundown! I have the best seat in the house at home games – I’m in the press box and tonight started my 13th, or is it my 14th season as the stadium PA voice? Even having an east-facing view, you can tell the thick cloud cover didn’t give me a whole lot to work with tonight had I been after a “real” sunset photo. BTW, we won!

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