(61) We All Need Saving Playlist Fav (9)

A great song to sing accappella or with headphones on…sometimes. I found myself singing it often times. You have got to move on This is not the you I know This isn’t real It’s just all you can feel And that’s the way that feelings go And whether or not it’s right or wrong You’ll do what you will do But when the cloud in the sky starts to pour in your life Its just a storm you’re braving Well don’t tell yourself You can’t lean on someone Cause we all need saving Sometimes   Continue reading (61) We All Need Saving Playlist Fav (9)

The Runaround Reaction

A Facebook friend shared this post  and it was just to good not to pass on. When all the “roundaround” of the week has given you a high step and shuffle kick in the rear, this video helps put a perspective on the fun of just living in the moment (and I caution that the video end is a bit direct…funny, but maybe not necessarily for anyone in a non-dancing “prude mood”). Continue reading The Runaround Reaction

The FD is sensational again

Here we go! The FD (Favorite Daughter) is web-sensational again. If you recall the “Group The Webseries” released episode 1 a few weeks ago with My FD, The Internet Sensation. Now, episode #2 is “her’s”: Use this link if the Vimeo above doesn’t show up and/or poops out for you: I can choose a positive frame of mind ‘aire she is…in all her acting glory. The BFA is paying off and gainful theatre employment is right around the corner! (yes I too choose a “positive frame of mind”). If you know T, this is so not her personality…which only makes it more funny. … Continue reading The FD is sensational again

My FD, the Internet Sensation

Go check out the FD! Tiff’s webseries acting debut is online as of this past Thursday. Episode 1 (11 more to go) introduces the cast of characters. For those of you that don’t know my “Favorite Daughter”, she’s the one in the gray sweater/gray shirt…that says “I’d rather chew glass” right at the start. And after watching, if you’re so emotionally moved and/or financially inclined, there’s their “kickstarter” page link right below the video…. Personally, I think Tiff did an outstanding job, but then what else would a “pops” say? She’s always had a natural Lucille Ball quality about her acting, as … Continue reading My FD, the Internet Sensation