The FD is sensational again

Here we go! The FD (Favorite Daughter) is web-sensational again. If you recall the “Group The Webseries” released episode 1 a few weeks ago with

My FD, The Internet Sensation.

Now, episode #2 is “her’s”:

Use this link if the Vimeo above doesn’t show up and/or poops out for you:

I can choose a positive frame of mind

‘aire she is…in all her acting glory. The BFA is paying off and gainful theatre employment is right around the corner! (yes I too choose a “positive frame of mind”). If you know T, this is so not her personality…which only makes it more funny. And for those of you that don’t know her, your missing out. Watch the video and then think the opposite of her character (then come see her next time she’s back for a visit).

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