My FD, the Internet Sensation

Go check out the FD! Tiff’s webseries acting debut is online as of this past Thursday. Episode 1 (11 more to go) introduces the cast of characters. For those of you that don’t know my “Favorite Daughter”, she’s the one in the gray sweater/gray shirt…that says “I’d rather chew glass” right at the start. And after watching, if you’re so emotionally moved and/or financially inclined, there’s their “kickstarter” page link right below the video….

Personally, I think Tiff did an outstanding job, but then what else would a “pops” say? She’s always had a natural Lucille Ball quality about her acting, as well as a Meryl Streep when it comes time for those Academy Award winning roles! What she does with this character is so completely out-of-character of her personality, I laugh to myself (and others) each time. You go ahead and just watch it…see for yourself. Go ahead…do it, I’ll wait……………

I bet cha you’re gonna agree with her old man on this one. Chip of the ol’ block that gurrrrl is, huh? (probably more likely I’m a chip off the ol’ daughter’s block…not that I live vicariously through either of my kids or anything)

Episode 1 was the group introduction, now each subsequent webisode will now focus on each character.  I will keep y’all posted as each episode is released, especially the one that is the FD’s character.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: turn down the volume or use your headphones…the dialogue is street-worthy and the language is colorful.

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