April Madness

At the main office of my employment, youth is slow to move along this time of year. College basketball inspires a select group of players with a stirring of competitive juices. And then they get after each other for nothing more than braggin’ rights for 11 months, or for some smack talk at each pickup game throughout the year. They are a fun lot to be around and watch.

They also make me very tired just observing….  Continue reading “April Madness”

Where have all the basketballs gone?

Long time (not) passing…or assists…or scoring…or team play.

Please know, I show you this with an admittedly sour attitude (no kidding!) after watching a woefully played basketball game between my beloved (KSU) Wildcats and the Baylor Bears last night. It was a game where fouls were as abundant as turnovers and charging calls…What is it that seniors cannot figure out when to “Pull-en” up for the shot or “Pull-en” it out and set a play. Geezz! Continue reading “Where have all the basketballs gone?”

Oh the humility (and irony) of it all

So yesterday I read about this girl’s basketball game in the Dallas Morning News…and today it’s home page news on Yahoo.com:

The game was last week between two private schools – The Covenant School (a Christian-based institution) versus The Dallas Academy (known locally for having notable success educating students with learning disabilities).  Anyone else find the teaching conflict (and irony) of a Christian school basically ignoring their Christian/Bible-based education philosophies, opening a can of whup, and dishing out a bucket full of wrath on their lesser opponent?

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