Where have all the basketballs gone?

Long time (not) passing…or assists…or scoring…or team play.

Please know, I show you this with an admittedly sour attitude (no kidding!) after watching a woefully played basketball game between my beloved (KSU) Wildcats and the Baylor Bears last night. It was a game where fouls were as abundant as turnovers and charging calls…What is it that seniors cannot figure out when to “Pull-en” up for the shot or “Pull-en” it out and set a play. Geezz!

Ahhhhhh, but then I see this:

And my faith in teaching (and playing) sound, fundamental basketball is restored.

I wonder if this kid is kin to the late Pistol Pete Maravich? No wait…John Stockton? OK, maybe Steve Nash? Whoever he is kin to, if only I could now watch this kid play the game instead of the Mildcats….

3 thoughts on “Where have all the basketballs gone?

  1. I had to turn the channel late in the first half. Mostly because of the game itself, but particially because of Brent Musberger and Bobby Knight. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Pitiful basketball it was! I had to mute the television for most of the game. Brent Mostlyburger and Bobby Knut were h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. Bobby was constant in his “smart”ness commentary, mostly critical of KSU (deserving so, but Bobby, you don’t need to drill it every time down the court. We can see stupid basketball when its played). I moaned aloud when Bobby said he was going to go back to the hotel tonight, lay in bed and thank all the smart players he coached – you think they all heard your divine communication there Bobby? He did get a chuckle from me when a bench kid had to shoot 2 clutch free throws at the end of the game – making the first, Bobby told Pull-en, who thought it necessary to speak to his teammate between throws (the guy tries to be a leader and he’s just not) to “leave him alone – quit talking to him and let him shoot the free throw”. LOL – Bobby redeemed himself if only for moment.

    But the YouTube kid…he does have some kind of game!


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