The Leave-It-On-The-Court Daily Cap(s) (187)

So here’s the gang, l to r: Raymond, Sol, Scott, Ryan, Joe, Andrew. The high-noon company 3-on-3 championship game, played in 101° temps, with harsh shadows for the unofficial photographer to negotiate (and done so with lousy results)
The pre-game strategy (aka “chalk talk”…without either)
The championship game begins with Ryan driving the lane…
Scott defends Ryan…
Scott drives the paint….
Who’s picking who?
Andrew praising the shot? Joe hunkering down? What’s going on here?
“Lean on me…when your not strong” (or can’t play another minute in this heat) – Sol boxes out on Raymond
Andrew asks permission; Raymond anticipates
A championship game played for the ages (or should I say “played by the aging”)


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