April Madness

At the main office of my employment, youth is slow to move along this time of year. College basketball inspires a select group of players with a stirring of competitive juices. And then they get after each other for nothing more than braggin’ rights for 11 months, or for some smack talk at each pickup game throughout the year. They are a fun lot to be around and watch.

They also make me very tired just observing…. 

With the new camera, I decided these games would be an excellent opportunity to “get a feel” for the thing and learn all the “bells and whistles”. Somehow I got sucked into being the unofficial league photographer, not that I’m complaining. But….

When you put the camera in high speed sports mode…oh my…you can get like 12,000 frames per second (actually only 5 fps) by simply holding your finger on the shutter button. Does anyone want to know how many pictures you can get shooting a 3 point shot? Like, 48,000 (actually about 12-15 depending on the heaviness of the brick).

And the way these guys toss up the 3’s, in 5 games I’ve taken about 250,000 photos (actually about 1200).

Here is a sampling of the pictures, players, personalities, and level of play:

Sol! You want some of this? (atta boy Joe, taunting all the way...btw, you're on the same team there buddy)
Heel and a toe, a heel and a toe, and slide, slide, slide
I know, Kyle! Somebody sweat all over the ball - get rid of that thing (nice pass btw)
Oh that Sol - he's a coach's dream..boxing out and always looking for the rebound (maybe soon Paul will put up a shot just to keep Sol "busy")
The paint's still wet Eric - stay out! BTW you guys..."Back door! Back door! KIPS' OPEN FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!"
Joe's distraction can be as good as a layup sometimes. As Mike scoffs at him, Sol goes after the ball - somebody has to play the game, huh Sol?
I don't think this turned out well for the photographer - Thanks Tom, thanks Andrew
Yo Scotty! You gonna be alright? Ya need a cup?
Hey! Where'd it go? You got it? Nope! How 'bout you? No way! Well who has it? Looky here, Joe has it - he's had it all along! Scott! Mike! Leave Joe alone!
I hear what you're saying Brother Raymond! Brother Paul, lay down your backhand and join with him in celebrating the called timeout!
I think Andrew and Tom were more tired than they were trying to position for this rebound
I'm leaving this one alone except to say: "Jonathan, you're about to have the highest vertical you've ever jumped"
"Eric, don't you e-v-e-r knee me back there again"
Ryan for THREE!!! Philip is skying a 1 1/2" inches off the ground!!!
That Kyle...always the character, he is
Joe's climbing the ladder - ya think Ragu got a piece of him?
"What did you just say?"
See what Niraj's brutal pick does? Poor guy...he couldn't roll after that.
Believe me...this was a set play between Ryan and Kyle - and Phillip, well he was just kinda in the way
Ragu and Jason - lean on me brother when you're not strong
I not really sure if Philip wanted a lob pass, was referring to a set play, or just wanted someone to pull his finger
Not good for Eric or Ryan
Who knew Kips had a shot like this in his repertoire? Obviously not Ryan, Jason, or Niraj
Who's the guilty one in this bunch? Is it the same guy that might have to go pee? OK, I'll give Kips the benefit of the doubt here: he jammed his thumb and everyone was really, really concerned, right Kips?
Jonathan has the best MJ imitation so far this season (watch out for the column there buddy)

And then during the timeouts and post-game interviews…this guy shows up, proving to no one, he can still drive the lane with his left hand! (and when no one is guarding him). Get off the court!

This would be a "feet-on-the-ground" hook (as opposed to a "sky" hook)


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