The Christmas Day Daily Cap(s) (360)

What fun we’ve had! Fun times with the present opening…. His other grandpa repurposed the FDIL’s childhood Radio Flyer wagon for Lincoln – turned out great! Lincoln got an alligator hat for Christmas – it didn’t stay on his head long…. A long day and tons of presents…he’s now starting to wind down for the day…. We all hope y’all are having a grand and merry Christmas The end of a long day…. Continue reading The Christmas Day Daily Cap(s) (360)

The Day With Dad Daily Cap(s) (326)

When you combine a level horizon, dusty skies, an oil rig, and nice sunset timing…well, you get this. After watching the sunset from a high ridge line southwest of town, Dad and I find this installation of unknown reason, purpose, and use. Does anybody know what it is that we found? Some may recall the Relay For Life Golf Tournament my family participates in each June in Hays KS (it goes without saying that I have photos of that event…many photos). Dad showed me the latest addition to the golf course – floating fountains! I think all these fountains do … Continue reading The Day With Dad Daily Cap(s) (326)

The On The Farm Daily Cap(s) (325)

The Swallows love the mangled barbed wire in the trailer, except when I get too close… For all things grains, crops, seeds, and harvest, the COOP has been the farmer’s go-to place throughout the Great Plains for decades, as this old truck would surely tell if asked…. With the first frost having already come knocking and winter bears down (despite being 72 degrees today), the remnants of a Kansas sunflower stubbornly continues it survival vigilance against the inevitable… Jerry versus the standing-dead Cottonwood (Jerry won, but not without a fight)…. On the High Plains if a tree wants to grow … Continue reading The On The Farm Daily Cap(s) (325)