The Day With Dad Daily Cap(s) (326)

When you combine a level horizon, dusty skies, an oil rig, and nice sunset timing…well, you get this.

After watching the sunset from a high ridge line southwest of town, Dad and I find this installation of unknown reason, purpose, and use. Does anybody know what it is that we found?

Some may recall the Relay For Life Golf Tournament my family participates in each June in Hays KS (it goes without saying that I have photos of that event…many photos). Dad showed me the latest addition to the golf course – floating fountains! I think all these fountains do is keep stirred up the golf balls I generously contribute to the bottom of the pond each year. BTW, in the background is the “skyline” of the Fort Hays State University campus – the black-domed Observatory was a favorite place to telescope-look at the night sky as a young Scout and student of “always looking up”…

A fun photography day spent with Dad began with the morning light casting through the beautiful stained glass at the First Presbyterian Church sanctuary. Although I grew up spiritually in this church family, I remember little of this particular church building. Mostly I grew up attending the historic church in downtown Hays. The new church was opened on Easter Sunday in 1975 and I was preoccupied with the typical high school distractions at that time of my life…

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