Super Saturday

This has been a Saturday unlike others in recent memory.

We had the Hickory Creek Veterans Memorial dedication this morning. That, my limeyfishers, was an impressive service!

It got up to 105° this afternoon. Thankfully I had several hundred photos to go through and upload to Flickr.

Enjoyed an evening of praise music courtesy of the Glengormley Methodist Youth Choir (from Belfast, Northern Ireland). What fun, what inspiration!

And finally for the second night in a row, the Queen and I chased off a family of 4 racoons from our front yard (don’t you know, the Queen is very intolerant of any of her subjects being an nuisance and annoyance).  Continue reading “Super Saturday”

Memorial Day

It was a grand 3-day holiday weekend. This Monday also ended the National Backyard Games Week…Tuesday will mark the end of the National Barbeque Month. I did my usual photography stuff…I actually hopped on the bicycle and tooled down to the Corps Park for pictures this morning. We celebrate all that weekend stuff, and most of us, somewhere, sometime, somehow reflect on our fallen military heros. It truly was a meaning full weekend – thanks!

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Patriot Guard Riders escorting Veterans through Sanger

Yesterday was one of those unique opportunity days to experience and photograph – not a “One of those days” day like I posted Monday, but one to remember (in more ways than one) for sure. Co-worker Adam received and shared the following email:

FYI:  If you live  or can get anywhere near this, it will be an awesome sight to see!  They will be coming down 114 from DFW to 35W, then north on 35 to Gainesville.  Estimated time to leave DFW is 5:00 – all highways will be shut down to allow them to pass.  By the way, these are MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENTS coming to Gainesville for our annual event.  There will be 8-9 gentlemen being escorted img_8633in.  Channel 8 helicopter supposed to fly with them, at least part of the way.  There is indeed a Pearl Harbor veteran – John Finn, the oldest living survivor and MOH recipient.  He will turn 100 in July.  Find a safe spot to watch, and help us welcome them to our area! 


This announcement is for those who wish to honor Veterans. The Patriot Guard Riders and several area police and fire departments will be escorting an unknown number of military war veterans from DFW Airport to Gainesville, Texas for a gathering to honor these veterans.  It is rumored that a Pearl Harbor veteran will be among these veterans.  It is estimated that 200 or more Patriot Guard Rider motorcycles will be part of the escort.  This will be the largest escort of it kind to move through our area.  

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