Super Saturday

This has been a Saturday unlike others in recent memory.

We had the Hickory Creek Veterans Memorial dedication this morning. That, my limeyfishers, was an impressive service!

It got up to 105° this afternoon. Thankfully I had several hundred photos to go through and upload to Flickr.

Enjoyed an evening of praise music courtesy of the Glengormley Methodist Youth Choir (from Belfast, Northern Ireland). What fun, what inspiration!

And finally for the second night in a row, the Queen and I chased off a family of 4 racoons from our front yard (don’t you know, the Queen is very intolerant of any of her subjects being an nuisance and annoyance). 

More photos at my Flickr page: Hickory Creek Veterans Memorial Dedication

More photos at my Flickr page: Glengormley Methodist Youth Choir


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