Just the facts, ma’am

In reading a work-related on-line article about effective presentations, one forwarded from our marketing department with professional development intent I’m sure, I found myself nodding in agreement and chuckling with one particular exerpt…

“Never Let Facts Speak for Themselves

Facts need interpretation. According to Mark Twain, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” If you don’t believe this, tune in to the next political campaign. People can make facts and numbers mean almost anything. Interpret yours so that your listeners draw the same conclusions you intend.” Continue reading “Just the facts, ma’am”

Favorite “cheese” of 2011

Believe it or not, I’m photo’d out…for the year.

And it has been yet another active year exercising the Canon, FugiFilm, and on occasion, the in-a-pinch iPhone camera.

In looking back at my 2011, I see that I did a lot of birding and flowering with the photos taken (or at least those that are my “favorites”). And I certainly threw in a few sunrise/sunset photos…after all, what would a set of my pics be without those kind of photos?

Take a look – let me know what you think. This has been a fun year and it has taken me several places in order to capture the handful of photos here and there…and along the way.

tbomay82’s Flickr 2011 Favorites

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Alexandria to Arlington

Advocacy finished up today in Alexandria. We all left excited about having to deal with politicians and their political processes. Wrapped up at noon, grabbed a sandwich, and found a quiet spot in the hotel lobby to call my airline.

You see when I made the reservation, I had intentions on experiencing the many sites and monuments of Washington DC. That was before it decided to get hot and humid in the nations capital. It has been 100+ degrees the 3 days I’ve been here. Ugghhh! I could have stayed in Texas and got e same temperature treatment I got here.  Continue reading “Alexandria to Arlington”

Super Saturday

This has been a Saturday unlike others in recent memory.

We had the Hickory Creek Veterans Memorial dedication this morning. That, my limeyfishers, was an impressive service!

It got up to 105° this afternoon. Thankfully I had several hundred photos to go through and upload to Flickr.

Enjoyed an evening of praise music courtesy of the Glengormley Methodist Youth Choir (from Belfast, Northern Ireland). What fun, what inspiration!

And finally for the second night in a row, the Queen and I chased off a family of 4 racoons from our front yard (don’t you know, the Queen is very intolerant of any of her subjects being an nuisance and annoyance).  Continue reading “Super Saturday”

Oh what a week

It (the week) ends on a Friday the 13th, the only one in 2011, BTW. Maybe that’s why the commute tonight was “driving” me crazy. Folks were coming to a complete stop to make a turn, people were pulling out of parking lots across 2 lanes and unable to get in line straight…so both lanes are blocked, drivers were leaving 200 car lengths between them and the guy/gal in front (all that does is let people cut-in uninhibited). Everyone was being superstitious…yeah, that’s it, superstitious!

But lets not talk about friggatriskaidekaphobia, no, lets speak of LID! Continue reading “Oh what a week”

Texas’ birthday

Texas turned 174 years old today….

To my Texas blog readers: who amongst you can answer this Texas trivia?

Ah heck y’all, why limit it only to the Texas folks? Can anybody answer these questions? I don’t even know if I remember some of the answers!

Does anyone really want to…answer 49 questions? I thought about listing 174 questions, but I do have another life (I think) besides this blog.

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Woke Up Limeyfish

I probably should have self-censored. But instead it gotted git r’ done-d to me…maybe for the best…I’m sure…I hope. I cannot remember that ever happening to me until now. Always a first time, right? Say what you think unless what is said is disagreeable. Then just simply hit the upper right hand corner “x” button and that trouble conveniently goes away. Blip! Interesting how free speech really isn’t; anger can snuff out relationships with a few key strokes and mouse clicks; so-called equal opportunity rights of expression in a public format can be judged…quick and dead. Go away! Be gone! Continue reading “Woke Up Limeyfish”

Check The Labels

Label Day is Tuesday…aka Election Day. Oh boy!

It is a day I’ve had circled on the calendar for some time, for more reasons than one. It should be a day filled with excitement and anticipation of new faces, voices, and representation, but instead it will be welcomed mostly because we should be due a brief reprieve from ridiculous campaigns, over-the-top out-of-their-mind activists, and the ugly game of politics finally comes to an end…maybe…but probably not. (and so it is that I get Labeled)

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