Memorial Day

It was a grand 3-day holiday weekend. This Monday also ended the National Backyard Games Week…Tuesday will mark the end of the National Barbeque Month. I did my usual photography stuff…I actually hopped on the bicycle and tooled down to the Corps Park for pictures this morning. We celebrate all that weekend stuff, and most of us, somewhere, sometime, somehow reflect on our fallen military heros. It truly was a meaning full weekend – thanks!

This morning I did something I’ve never before done around here (have done so in other places). I took a stroll, by myself, time at my advantage, and enjoyed a quiet hour or so at the historic Swisher Cemetery in Lake Dallas (Texas). No one else was around to visit the cemetery while I was there – I had the place to myself. The Cemetery Association takes pride in maintaining the grounds and repairing grave markers – they do a great job. And on this day, Memorial Day, I walked up on nearly every marked grave with a US Flag and acknowledged that person as best I knew how.

The following collage is a sampling of what I found. It is by no means all the veterans buried at Swisher, but it is a random reflection of those that served in all 5 military branches. The walk also discovered the war theaters served by these veterans: World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. It found veterans that served in multiple wars. Men and women veterans. At least one veteran recognized for the Purple Heart he received.

A humbling experience – you ought to try it sometime at the local cemetery. Next year, I think I’ll plan on being at the National Cemetery in Grand Prairie for Memorial Day!

One thought on “Memorial Day

  1. Humbling and sobering. God bless all those who have served, still serve, and will serve to secure the freedoms we all enjoy and take for granted. :o)


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