That Doesn’t Look So Good, But It Does Look Cool

While checking out the new football field installation at a job site last week, a cold front (yes, I said “cold” front…in Texas…in July) on the horizon caught everyone’s attention. It was impressive (and the iPhone photo does it no justice…and just for the record, I had my camera, in the truck, on the opposite side of the school campus – some Boy Scout I am huh?). As it approached, it rumbled and belched, and then quickly petered out over us. It was cool to watch the “cold” come rolling in while it lasted (about a 20 minute show). Continue reading That Doesn’t Look So Good, But It Does Look Cool

The Front Cometh

A cold front rolled through Fort Worth this afternoon. I am always impressed with the intimidation of nature…maybe that’s why I’ve always wanted to storm chase and by all means, fly into the eye of a hurricane! In the meantime, this will have to do…. Same photo, but with a bit of iPad Snapseed app tweaking. I do like this photo editing much better (although the original was somewhat impressive in it’s own right)…the photo takes on a more angry persona in keeping with an approaching, imposing storm front, don’t you think? BTW, this photo was taken with my iPhone, … Continue reading The Front Cometh