The Front Cometh

A cold front rolled through Fort Worth this afternoon. I am always impressed with the intimidation of nature…maybe that’s why I’ve always wanted to storm chase and by all means, fly into the eye of a hurricane! In the meantime, this will have to do….

Same photo, but with a bit of iPad Snapseed app tweaking. I do like this photo editing much better (although the original was somewhat impressive in it’s own right)…the photo takes on a more angry persona in keeping with an approaching, imposing storm front, don’t you think? BTW, this photo was taken with my iPhone, out the passenger window of my truck (yes while driving), doing about 65mph…I will have none of you reporting me to the cops, if you please.

8 thoughts on “The Front Cometh

  1. …doing about 65mph…and so conveniently passing by the beer factory!

    It was gorgeous yesterday. I seriously need to grab my self a little camera to carry in my purse, or maybe just bite the bullet and upgrade my ancient phone so I’ll have a relatively okay camera with that.


    1. dont tell the boss man about the beer factory – hahaha. I love weather happenings, in particular when it can be visually witnessed during the daylight hours!


    1. Yes they were Angela…and I too got up early this morning to see the clouds you were seeing this morning. Clouds make me go “ahhhhh” (most of the time) :)


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