That Doesn’t Look So Good, But It Does Look Cool

While checking out the new football field installation at a job site last week, a cold front (yes, I said “cold” front…in Texas…in July) on the horizon caught everyone’s attention. It was impressive (and the iPhone photo does it no justice…and just for the record, I had my camera, in the truck, on the opposite side of the school campus – some Boy Scout I am huh?).

As it approached, it rumbled and belched, and then quickly petered out over us. It was cool to watch the “cold” come rolling in while it lasted (about a 20 minute show).

6 thoughts on “That Doesn’t Look So Good, But It Does Look Cool

  1. I love the weather, especially when you can see, it feel it and almost touch it. I would have savored this moment!


    1. and taste it too! The gusty winds of the leading edge brought with them a bunch of southern Oklahoma farm land. I got to dirt-spitting, contact lens-blinking, hair-combing, and hand-brushing (off the truck seat) all that dirt…but it was still way cool.


    1. Oh my Angela…lets see if I can remember. That would have been around 9am on August 1st in Shady Shores (TX), according to the site visit appointment in my calendar. It was pretty cool to watch it roll in, and then fizzle out directly overhead. I’ll call you next time that happens :)


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