Ya big blow hard

I know, I know. The photo is lame and has no merit to win a ribbon at the county fair. But still….

Thursday night, a front moved into north Texas and brought some rain (!!!). With it came the leading edge of a line of thunderstorms. In that leading edge we had +60 mph winds for a few minutes….

I knew it was a stiff wind when I stepped out on the front stoop to take pictures of the lightning and the front yard trees were bending and twisting in a very uncomfortable way (both for them and me)….

So hastely I retreated back in the house with the Royal Scotties, who were at my heals wanting me to sit down so they could cozy up and give me the security they needed….

Odd how winds take things….

Strange how winds put things….

Freaky how winds leave things….

The patio umbrella is in the background, now shading the fence

That leading  storm edge lifted and tilted my patio table on two legs, slid a couple chairs under the frame to support the wind-aided table-lean, lifted the umbrella out of the table slot, helicoptered the thing across the backyard (and under the low hanging pine tree branches…I think), and gently put it over the side yard fence – pole on the neighbor’s side. All but one of the umbrella supports (wood slats) held up – that one snapped and the storm graciously placed it in the blue bucket.

Glad I was holding onto my hat the entire time….


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