It is well

Funny thing happened on the way to the church the other day.

It started with…oh wait, first a lead in: A typical Sunday morning routine of mine when driving to church is to plug my iPod (iPhone actually) to the truck stereo and get to singing with a playlist simply labeled “Sunday”. Of the hundred or so gospel/Christian music owned, the songs in this playlist are my favorites. This list numbers 24 songs as of today, and is populated with “standards of the faith” as much as it is with more contemporary songs that stir my spiritual soul.

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Just the facts, ma’am

In reading a work-related on-line article about effective presentations, one forwarded from our marketing department with professional development intent I’m sure, I found myself nodding in agreement and chuckling with one particular exerpt…

“Never Let Facts Speak for Themselves

Facts need interpretation. According to Mark Twain, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” If you don’t believe this, tune in to the next political campaign. People can make facts and numbers mean almost anything. Interpret yours so that your listeners draw the same conclusions you intend.” Continue reading “Just the facts, ma’am”

this popped up

I sit tonight at a Denton coffee shop – Art Six – to spend a bit of time alone and to collect my thoughts. After all, good/bad news is sometimes challenging to digest, comprehend, contain, and/or temper. So this place is an off-campus place with way cool art on the wall, a local hangout for artists and the like, musicians will set up and sing on some nights, and oh yeah, they serve up a great cup of coffee (and Irish tea). Creativity oozes from this old house….

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