It is well

Funny thing happened on the way to the church the other day.

It started with…oh wait, first a lead in: A typical Sunday morning routine of mine when driving to church is to plug my iPod (iPhone actually) to the truck stereo and get to singing with a playlist simply labeled “Sunday”. Of the hundred or so gospel/Christian music owned, the songs in this playlist are my favorites. This list numbers 24 songs as of today, and is populated with “standards of the faith” as much as it is with more contemporary songs that stir my spiritual soul.

My Sunday mood usually determines the songs that get played (my commute to church is obviously not 24 songs long…or even half that). Interestingly, if I’m needing some lift, “standards” get played. If I’m confident in where I’m at that particular day, I lean towards the “contemporary” songs. Either way, I know the lyrics (but believe you me, I can’t carry a tune in a handbag).

Also know this: Denton Bible devotes the first half it’s service to their music ministry. They have wonderful musicians and vocalist that give their talented all each Sunday. The music and singing truly is a fellowship that binds the congregation. Oddly, or maybe not so much on second thought, the songs at church follow a similar pattern as my listening to the “Sunday” playlist (I have a feeling my church has influenced me a whole bunch more than vice versa).

So here’s the funny thing. Besides an indicator of my mood, what do you think it is when the gospel song you listen and sing to on the way to church just so happens to be the same song we as a congregation sing in loud and glorious unison during the service?

Could it be a divine elbow to the ribs? Perhaps a message or blessing? Or is it a mere coincidence?

Whatever you call it is, it’s a goosebump-moment; a warming feeling in you heart; a comforting smile upon ones face. And with that, your hand is raised in praise, for truly “it is well with my soul”.

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