When I grow up, I want one of these

Hmmm, lets see…how ’bout…

maybe a Bentley, or a Mazariti, or a Mercedes

No…perhaps a Jaguar, or a Maybach, or a Triumph, or a Lamborghini

I know!

A ’41 Ford Super Deluxe, or a ’59 Chevy Parkwood Station Wagon, or a 55′ Studebaker Speedster, or a ’38 Buick Roadmaster!

Hmmm is about right…. Continue reading “When I grow up, I want one of these”

Giving the slip

I have officially decided that I will no longer post pictures on this blog for fear it might incite some people into not providing me comic relief opportunities (my silly every-day-America photos). It just might also cause my faithful readers to question my genuine intent, trustworthiness, integrity in bringing you the most authenitic photographs possible…believe me, I really ought to take a break from the camera and learn Photoshop if I’ve got to start doctoring photos for you guys from here on out.  Continue reading “Giving the slip”

Those were the Days my friend…

…I thought they’d never end.

And they haven’t!

Just when I think my patience is well self-managed and my eye for photography is on the right track, a link or email gets sent that reaches out and smacks me in the nose saying ‘you have a long way to go buck-a-roo’. So much is the case with Michael Paul Smith, an artist in his own right with a knack for drawing gasps, making heads shake, and causing rapid eye blinking in amazement (maybe a little bit of disbelief as well). Continue reading “Those were the Days my friend…”

Touring about town

Denton is always full of surprises. I love this town. It’s like this town is themeing photographs for me. WUWT?

Over the past few days it’s been antique automobiles. And it is a handful of automobiles that made me stop on three occassions to photograph. Only one of the stops (the Model T) afforded me the opportunity to actually talk with the automobile owner…and he was as much a character as his car. Continue reading “Touring about town”