Giving the slip

I have officially decided that I will no longer post pictures on this blog for fear it might incite some people into not providing me comic relief opportunities (my silly every-day-America photos). It just might also cause my faithful readers to question my genuine intent, trustworthiness, integrity in bringing you the most authenitic photographs possible…believe me, I really ought to take a break from the camera and learn Photoshop if I’ve got to start doctoring photos for you guys from here on out. 

What in the wide, wide world of rifle scopes and targets am I missing here? I’ve been listening to the conservative radio talk shows the past couple weeks with particular interest – Mark Davis, Rush, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine (now he’s a loon, holy cow!) and on occasion Laura Ingraham. First these guys were all worked up about Obama’s birth certificate – where was it; why won’t he release it. Now they’re all sideways about getting to see the head shot kill photograph of our arch enemy #1 (RNIP). I’m beginning to think our conservative leaders and radio hosts have nothing better to gritch about than objects measuring 5″ x 7″.

Mark Davis was saying this morning on his local radio talk show that the head shot photos will probably be leaked to the public before the end of the month (Wikileaks or something/one similar). I would bank he’s right on that. If that’s the case, how ’bout we not waste any more angry breath over a glossy piece of paper and get back useful griping about the President’s cause of our lousy economy and high fuel prices, and solidify our expectation of the President, individually, becoming the supreme employer by creating jobs for 9% of the population that is unemployed…for crying out loud…for real! Isn’t that about the same percentage as those being welfared by Obamacare?

What did happen to the national discussion of jobs, budgets, and deficits? Let’s talk more how the Democrats want to spend us into oblivion; how the Republicans want to come to our fiscal rescue by proposing a responsible budget of a whooping 1% less than the Democrats?

And then we have this: the talk shows have also been complaining this week about the “I”, ‘My”, and “Me” politics in the President’s Sunday night announcement about “the kill”.  It was bad yes, and to me, it sounded a whole lot like a George W(R) speech, and a Clinton(D), George H.W.(R), Reagan(R), Carter(D), Ford(R), Nixon(R), Johnson(D), Kennedy(D), Eisenhower(R), Truman(D), and FDR(D) speech. Did I miss the politics-not-as-usual memo on this as well? Of the last 13 Presidents, 7 have been Democrats, 6 have been Republicans – they all said “I”, ‘My”, and “Me” and we are no different politically than we have have been since the 40’s. Politics and politicians – they all are the same. One is not better than the other merely because of the (D) or (R) following the politician’s name.

Ralph Nader (please don’t think I agree with him politically by quoting this) said humorously, “The only difference between Democrats and Republicans is the velocity with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock”. Yup.

So here it is I say, talk shows are for the most part worthless for political insight. One-sided and bias, it is difficult for someone with any degree of political smarts and independence to listen in on a talk show, try to gather another perspective or viewpoint, and then formulate an opinion of their own. In fact, I bet the talk shows don’t want the likes of that kind calling whatsoever (ok, maybe one is allowed per show per day). I’m convinced talk shows, both conservative and liberal, exist as entertainment only. I also suspect most shows, Mark Davis generally excluded from what I can tell, screen their calls allowing the dumbest callers to get through so as to showcase their host as intelligent and allow for the upstaging of the caller. Just before I had to change the radio channel tonight out of digust, an always-angry Mark Levine said as he interrupted a caller who was trying mightily to be clever and sarcastic (which he wasn’t), “OK, let me educate you now A-hole…” Does that not kind of give credence to my suspicion? Take the dumbest call, showcase the host, upstage the caller, entertain the listeners, give no chance for independent thinking, “I know, you don’t” on-air attitude….

So why this rant? Beats me. Perhaps I’m tired of the incessant blame, bickering, and bitching. Maybe I’m disheartened by how we’ve lost our sense of humor. It could be I’m disappointed in our laziness in letting our media (talk shows are “media” too folks) tell us what to think, feel, and repeat.

Having said all this, I hereby rescind my directive to withhold photographs from you guys (that lasted about as long as a politician promise now didn’t it). Let’s get on down the road…

3 thoughts on “Giving the slip

  1. Thanks for “rescinding my directive to withhold photographs” cuz I’d much rather enjoy your visual, color, happiness, beauty, and nature in our world than delve into the ugliness of politics and media. :o)


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