Those were the Days my friend…

…I thought they’d never end.

And they haven’t!

Just when I think my patience is well self-managed and my eye for photography is on the right track, a link or email gets sent that reaches out and smacks me in the nose saying ‘you have a long way to go buck-a-roo’. So much is the case with Michael Paul Smith, an artist in his own right with a knack for drawing gasps, making heads shake, and causing rapid eye blinking in amazement (maybe a little bit of disbelief as well).

When you have time or need some inspiration, the Flickr link below is about a 5-8 minute slide show.  This guy’s love of old cars and 1940’s and 1950’s main streets is tugging on my pant legs.

Micheal’s work makes my photo collection of real antique autos, vintage signs, and old buildings look rather silly. (check out my “silly”, “drive-by” photo shooting of the  Tarrant County Courthouse from just this morning, before I got the email about this Smith guy BTW, why don’t ya. I doubt I will be contacted any time soon, having such amateur main street photos. But the coincedence of the subject photo with the email this morning is…well…noteworthy?). Keep this in mind – he does his work at 1/24th scale and with a camera only. No computer or software trickery is involved.

I think you will quickly appreciate his modelling skills, and his photography, and his sense of perspective. Michael is an absolute incredible talent. He is also my newest, bestest Flickr bud.

Michael Paul Smith: Photos of my Models

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